SIBS PAYFORWARD consists of a fintech innovation program released in 2016 with the purpose of boosting startup’s innovation in payment solutions in Portugal or other IT-based financial solutions.

Since its beginnings, the programe reached more than 250 startups, 80% of which were settled in countries outside Portugal, and fostered diverse payments models’ collaborations in areas like bank account and personal finance management, and in services related to clients’ behavior or API Open Banking.

As we believe that a vibrant environment for fintechs and new startups is crucial to diversify and conveniently innovate and digitalize
payment systems, SIBS invested in SIBS PAYFORWARD, in a time where fintech and payment systems are highly challenging and dynamic, and payment and financial solutions have breakthrough technology available within an EU legal framework, helping them promote interoperability and the emergence of new solutions – such as instant payments.

SIBS PAYFORWARD is a strategic investment for we believe that fintech sollutions, as well colaborative and kow-how sharing models, must be part of companies innovation playfiled.