“We met amazing people. We learned a lot from them about the technology, about the market and about the product. So now we have a great user experience. It was mind-opening.”
Denis Kiselev, CEO Snapswap


“SIBS PAYFORWARD was a very important program to Elecctro, both technically and strategically. During this program we got the attention, support, and dedication not only of our mentors but of every related area inside SIBS, which allowed us to improve our go-to-market strategy. We’re very grateful to SIBS for choosing Elecctro and supporting our project!”
Diogo Simões, CEO Elecctro


“SIBS wants to continue to collaborate and support other Fintech. The launch of an innovative accelerator and the first one in payments area to be done in Portugal, allowed us to evolve as an organization, to be even more disruptive in terms of innovation and to develop more e effective collaboration models with this new ecosystem of organizations and entrepreneurs.”
Madalena Tomé, CEO at SIBS


“We are interacting with the people that are on top of the subject”
Hugo Pinto, CEO Gofact


“It was amazing because of the way that you could connect the two worlds, the corporate world, the Portuguese economy, but also the global solutions that we innovate in Silicon Valley.”
Izabela Czepirska, Crowdz Product Director