We offer a global and diversified portfolio of payment solutions.

SIBS is a large-scale payments specialist operating in Europe and Africa with more than 3 billion transactions processed yearly and with a broad scope of activity, covering all payment channels and instruments.

The SIBS service portfolio is unparalleled, ranging from innovative Payment Services, through terminal services at ATMs and POS network, mobile, virtual and internet solutions, management and full issuing & acquiring transaction processing, to ACH processing capabilities (clearing all payment instruments – cheques and cards, as well as SEPA credit transfers and SEPA direct debit solutions).

Customer needs in the payments arena are further serviced by SIBS through complementary Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, such as Payment Process Management and Card Personalisation Solutions and Security (fraud prevention) & IT Services.

In a nutshell, SIBS is a specialist in complex interbank payment environments. It supports several Central Banks, interbank processors and individual public & private bank initiatives in launching and reforming payment systems, comprising all card-related, terminal network driving and other payment-related solutions.

SIBS can provide both business / payments consulting assistance, training and/or put in place and manage technological solutions locally.

Nowadays, SIBS has in-depth knowledge on managing payment solutions globally, leveraging not only the complexity brought about by different currencies, time zones and languages, but also different business cultures and approaches.