Due to its experience, SIBS has in-depth management knowledge not only of the complexity brought by different currencies, time zones and languages, but also by different business cultures and approaches. Leveraging the group’s heritage of quality, innovation and flexibility, SIBS also provides services such as SWIFT connection services and SEPA services at a smaller scale in a variety of other areas, such as Austria, France, Italy, the USA, Panama and China.

SIBS is also providing services in other countries:


SIBS has been conducting different and innovative consultancy projects in Bulgaria such as the design of a domestic card scheme or a project to implement a new model of fraud prevention and detection management. The presence in Bulgaria has been strengthened with a partnership with the local interbank company that finds SIBS as an expert advisor in the electronic payments industry.


Since 2015, SIBS operates in Kazakhstan in the area of innovative payments solutions and consultancy projects.


SIBS is active in the market since 2009 offering SEPA products as well as SWIFT connection services to different Banks. More recently SIBS enlarge its scope of activity in the market offering ATM network management services, acquiring and issuing processing, fraud management, clearing and settlement, card management and card personalization services.


SIBS has been active in Spain servicing clients for issuing, card personalization, SWIFT and SEPA products processing services.