Fraud Prevention & Digital Certification



PAYWATCH detects, prevents and neutralizes fraud attempts, as well as acting in the recovery process for customers targeted by fraud or exceptions in payments and withdrawals. More than 20 years of experience, combined with artificial intelligence and a total vision of the Portuguese payment system, make PAYWATCH the reference partner for keeping payments safe, simple and reliable, and avoiding the risk of financial loss for all players in the payment ecosystem.

On an international level, PAYWATCH is present in several countries, following the SIBS footprint, which contributes to a constant improvement in the quality of the service provided, through knowledge of the best anti-fraud practices in the various markets.


PAYWATCH offers a range of services to analyze transactions carried out on different channels, monitoring the value chain from Prevention to Disputes & Chargebacks.

Transactions are monitored 24×7 in order to identify suspected fraud. For this matter, Machine Learning models are used and alerts are generated about suspicious transactions, which are then analyzed by experts.

Data analysis and the identification of behavioral patterns, using artificial intelligence, allows for the continuous improvement of fraud detection and prevention models.

PAYWATCH can also ensure the regularization of cases in which fraud occurs. PAYWATCH is in constant contact with banks and financial institutions and can even act as a partner in terms of investigations.

Based on a systemic vision, PAYWATCH has actively contributed to Portugal becoming an international benchmark, with fraud levels below the European average.

Although the current reality of payments is increasingly challenging, PAYWATCH plays an important role in increasing consumer confidence in physical and digital payments.


With almost 20 years of experience, Multicert has strengthen its position in the development of diverse solutions in Cybersecurity, such as Digital Certificates, Advanced Electronic Identification, Information Management and Electronic Voting. With the acquisition of Multicert as a whole, we have reinforced our investment in this area with enormous and increasingly global technological evolution.

With 100% Portuguese technology, Multicert, in addition to operating in the domestic market, has also conquered the foreign market, with a strong presence in projects with an international scope, such as the Citizen Card and the Electronic Passport, in several countries.

In order to respond to all our national and international customers needs, in several markets, we offer a complete offer of security solutions and digital certification, having, in recent years, invested heavily in the design of digital business platforms, as mTrust.

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