In Portugal, the first market, SIBS is the central utility for payments, running the payment system end-to-end for more than 30 years, serving Banks, the Central Bank, government, etc.

Currently, SIBS plays a transversal role in the payment system, presenting a one-stop-shop offer with unique innovative services, covering a wide range of business areas along the processing and complementary services’ value chain. For example, the first mobile solution in the world was launched in 1996.

Multiple examples of the innovative services offered are proof of SIBS’ capability to face new market challenges and needs. Currently, SIBS offers more than 100 interoperable services on ATM networks and more than 30 services on POS networks, making it unique at global level.

Along the same lines, SIBS launched several spin-offs of complementary solutions such as Via Verde (contactless road toll and parking payments), digital certification, card personalisation and a BPO unit for document dematerialisation and process optimisation.