Payments and Software

Developed with SIBS’ know-how, the Electronic Payment Management System (EPMS) is an incoming and outgoing transaction processing solution that uses a multi-channel platform to ensure the authorisation, clearing and settlement of transactions.

With flexible product configuration and web interfaces, this platform easily connects to various international payment systems and currently serves as a main basis for payment solutions in Angola, Algeria, Nigeria and East Timor.

An agent-based management and monitoring system that allows ATM and POS terminals to be monitored online in real time, with the aim of increasing availability and reducing operating costs.

By developing the largest Open Banking API ecosystem in Portugal, SIBS continues to pave the way for the development of value-added financial services.

This API will offer a range of benefits to different players: financial institutions will be able to boost their value-added services; new providers will be able to develop new services with added information and consumers will benefit from a greater range of digital services, with greater convenience and all of the security offered by SIBS.

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With the SIBS Instant Payments solution, Portugal will have access to even faster payment infrastructure adapted to meet the needs of national banks, allowing A2A credit transfers to be made in less than 10 seconds.

This great solution is perfectly compatible with the ECB’s challenge to implement a PI in Europe that is interoperable with the main market infrastructure in Europe, including fraud control and anti-money laundering services.

The high availability of SIBS’ IT led to the highest quality certification awarded by SWIFT – Service Bureau Premier. Perhaps because we can invariably reduce our customers’ account and investment fees. So it is not surprising that for more than 10 years over 50 financial institutions and companies on 4 continents have been placing their trust in our services for quickly and securely exchanging financial messages with other institutions all over the world.