Merchant Services

SIBS Gateway
This is the best platform for accepting online payments, allowing the integrated management of online and offline channels. We offer a range of means of payment such as service payments, MB WAY and direct debits. We support payments with national and international brands of cards. In addition, we offer high levels of fraud prevention and monitoring to provide the security that is essential for the use of this platform.

With our MULTIBANCO POS we provide a fast payment method with any type of card for your virtual store, website or app. Just select the national and international brands that you want to make available – MULTIBANCO, Visa, MasterCard.

We ensure a level of service par excellence. We guarantee permanent proactive monitoring of the service and business support.

We make business even more mobile, lighter and easier. All you need is a smartphone/tablet and a small card reader. Integrate the service and choose the card brands to be made available to customers, such as MULTIBANCO, Visa, MasterCard – as well as MB WAY.

This provides customers with an even faster mobile payment method.