ISO 9001:2015 certification

The certification of its integrated quality management system to the ISO 9001 standard covers the following services: SWIFT, AT2/TARGET2 and SEPA ACH. This certification reflects SIBS’ growing concern and commitment to quality, recognises the company’s efforts to ensure the compliance of its products/services, its concern for customer satisfaction and awareness of continuous improvement.

ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 certification (Services: TARGET2, SWIFT and SEPA DD and SEPA CT)

SIBS is one of few companies in Portugal to be certified to the ISO 20000-1 standard, the international standard that defines good information technology-based service provision practices. This certification, awarded in 2011, covers three of our most important services: SWIFT Services, AT2/ TARGET2 and SEPA ACH.

The certification of the management system that supports SEPA services makes us the only company in the world with this recognition.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)

A certification that ensures the robustness of payment system security, including incident prevention, detection and response.

– Anti-Money Laundering Compliance for Issuers
– Account Verification
– RPI Certification
– Recurring Transactions – RPI Certification
– VSDC Acquiring – Base II certification
– POS and ATM Acquirer Host certification (field 55 message format)
– 3D Secure Vendor Compliance – ACS 1.0.2 Core (MB NET)
– 3D Secure Vendor Compliance – MPI 1.0.2 Core (MB NET)
– Host Issuer CVV2 certification

– MB NET – SecureCode MasterCard
– Secure Code Certification – MB NET
– Third Party Processor (TPP type I)
– EMV Issuer Certification
– Chip migration ETED certification
– EPI Terminal Requirements – TP94 , SIBS EMV Toolkit v1.01

– EMV Issuer and 5CSC certification
– Phase 3 Issuer & Acquirer certification – Smart Card Addenda

– EMV Toolkit V4.0 – Contact Terminal Level 2 – Wincor Cineo 2040
– EMV Toolkit v2.0 – Level 2 – ATM Wincor 1500xe

– SWIFT SIP – Shared Infrastructure Programme


SIBS CARTOES Quality Policy (PDF)

SIBS FPS Management System Policy (PDF)