Business Process Outsourcing

The SIBS Business Process Outsourcing unit provides services in the area of digital transformation, uniquely combining technology and people to evolve into valuable and long-term relationships.

We use our own technology, and technology provided by partners to work with document digitalisation, information collection, digital signatures and identification and the validation and application of business rules, in a workflow environment.

Integration with customer systems, from the use of services to robot implementation, makes our solutions more resilient and efficient. Our technological solutions are supplemented by teams to deal with anything that cannot be automated, or efficiently fully automated.

Even in a seemingly manual environment, we use distribution technology and automatic work control, as well as robots to supplement the most routine and uninteresting tasks, allowing our people to focus on, and invest in what is most important.

We have two operations centres, in Alfragide and Castelo Branco, with a range of possible business continuity solutions.

Due to all of the above, we are currently positioned as an important business partner in the digital process transformation market, working in sectors such as banking, insurance, health, telecommunications, utilities and distribution.

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