With the MB NET solution, shopping online is even simpler, more convenient, faster and safer. This service is now integrated in the MB WAY app, available for IOS, Android and Windows.

To use it, just access your credit or debit cards integrated in the app and generate a virtual card for purchases in national and international online stores that accept the American Express, MasterCard or Visa brands.

All this comes with the added advantage of never having to make your real bank card data available to the merchant. This is SIBS security.
To use the MB NET service just subscribe to the MB WAY app and follow these steps:

1. Access the MB WAY app and select the “Cards” menu
2. Select the “Generate cards” option
3. Select whether you want a “single purchase” or “merchant” card
4. Set the maximum value of the card (minimum €5) and, if you have selected a merchant card, its expiry date
5. Enter the MB WAY PIN
6. Use the MB NET card data to make the payment

Find out more at mbway.pt