With MB WAY you no longer need your wallet to pay, transfer or withdraw money. Just download the MB WAY App to your mobile phone, sign up for this service and put your cards on the app. After doing this, you can perform 4 different transactions:

Transfer money: you can make immediate transfers without knowing the IBAN of the payee. The person to whom you are transferring the money must be one of the 700,000 already using

MB WAY. Select the mobile number from your contact list and send. The cash is available immediately.

Buy online: now you no longer have to put your card details into the merchant’s online store. With MB WAY you just generate a virtual card.

Shopping in store: your mobile is all you need to go shopping. In member establishments, the MULTIBANCO network displays a QR code that is read with the MB WAY app and, hey presto, it’s paid for.

Withdraw money: just generate a code in the app and withdraw cash from MULTIBANCO.

Find out more at mbway.pt