Eleven Sports joins MULTIBANCO Vouchers

Vouchers to access Eleven Sports contents are now available within MULTIBANCO Network, as well as PlayStation and Nintendo contents.

Eleven Sports, a sports-oriented cable and satellite television channel, is now part of the Vouchers service that is available in around 12.000 cash machines from the MULTIBANCO Network. After PlayStation and Nintendo, it’s now time for Eleven Sports to be part of this SIBS offer.

You can now subscribe safely and comfortably to Eleven Sports content vouchers in any MULTIBANCO terminal – 24 hours a day, seven days a week and with total costs control.

To purchase your Eleven Sports gift card you must go to the Vouchers option, select the corresponding product and the method of payment you wish to acquire – monthly (€9,99), quarterly (€29,97) or half-year (€59,94).

The Voucher includes a code that must be introduced at the Eleven Sports website in order to create a new account or charge with credit a pre-existing one, so that can be transformed in a monthly or early fee.

The Vouchers Service was designed for entertainment and gaming fans and also includes access to Nintendo and PlayStation brands with the purpose to simplify the approach to the brands digital contents.

This action represents a natural extension of the safe and breakthrough SIBS payment solutions.

Once the acquired code can be accessed by diverse users, the voucher can also work as an original gift and this can also be an adicional way to access these contents in a prepaid system for those who don’t have a credit card available.

Further information  here (only available in portuguese)