Do you know MB WAY’s security safeguards?

MB WAY service is the safest and easiest way to withdrawal money, access MULTIBANCO features, shop in-store, and make online purchases.

As we help to ease our users’ day-to-day life, we think it’s also important to remember some guidelines that will make you access financial services within the maximum security:

  • When subscribing, never use a mobile number that’s not your own or a number that you’re not familiar with
  • Validate the number introduced in the subscription, since it will be associated with your card and bank account and will allow the operations through your account
  • Never execute MB WAY payments following instructions given by strangers
  • Never share your MB WAY PIN code, for neither for payments nor warranties. Your PIN code (6-digit access code) it’s personal and not transferable
  • Neither banks nor trustful authorities – like telecommunications companies and other services providers – will ask you to add any mobile number to your bank account by telephone or email. If contacted for this purpose, do not give your personal data and contact your bank
  • Never provide confidential or personal data as a response to email messages or SMS’, even if the sender looks apparently valid
  • Do not follow links received through email messages or SMS
  • If contacted to subscribe MB WAY through an unknown telephone number, you must immediately stop this operation and contact your bank and the authorities
  • SIBS has a team skilled to track and contain fraud. This team manages the PAYWATCH service and does real-time tracking of all the national and international processed financial transactions. This infrastructure spots fraud attempts that can commit cardholders’ personal data and activates control and prevention measures in order to neutralize future occurrences

If you are not an MB WAY user, please note that the subscription steps are very simple:

1st step: At a MULTIBANCO`s ATM, select “MB WAY” option ➝ Insert your telephone number and define a personal and not transmissible 6-digit PIN code, for MB WAY.  NOTE! Do not associate other mobile number than your own nor share the PIN you’ve chosen to use for MB WAY.

2nd step: Download the app, choose “Enter” option and insert the mobile number and the MB WAY PIN code defined at MULTIBANCO ➝ After this, you’ll receive an SMS with the activation code that must be inserted on the app. After this step, the service will be available. MB WAY user’s subscription and registration data will always be your mobile number and your MB WAY PIN code.
More information about the subscription available at MB WAY website.

Don’t wait and change your life in a fast and secure way.