SIBS and Nova SBE united to increase innovation made in Portugal

In the coming years, the two entities will work together to attract talent and export national technology, namely in digital payments. The launch of SIBS Innovation Lab, operating on the Carcavelos campus in the Nova SBE Innovation Ecosystem, is the first materialization of this partnership.

SIBS reinforces its commitment to innovation through a partnership with Nova School of Business & Economics, implemented today at the inauguration of the new SIBS Innovation Lab, on the Carcavelos campus. This space dedicated to digital payments, (cyber)security and related technological services, in a leading school in its field, aims to continue the mission of both entities in terms of innovation and development, in a cooperative environment, and getting the advice of SIBS professionals, students, professors and researchers from the Nova SBE Innovation Ecosystem community.

With this initiative, both institutions – a 100% Portuguese company, pan-European leader in the payment systems operating in Poland and Romania, and a leading national and international school – believe that sharing ideas and experiences between teams could pave the way for new payment products and services or associated applications.

Madalena Cascais Tomé, CEO of SIBS, sees a path supported by development through knowledge: “Innovation is what can distinguish us, and, at the same time, what can contribute to accelerating the growth of GDP and productivity of the Portuguese economy. SIBS thus assume its innovative character, which leads it to be present in several geographies, exporting Portuguese know-how and technology, and thus contributing actively, and in a committed way, to the digitalization of markets where it is present, as well as to promote Portugal”.

The CEO of SIBS points out that “the opportunity to combine the experience and technology of SIBS with the talent of the scientific community of Nova SBE can only bring good results. We want this partnership to be another way to accelerate innovation and talent development in Portugal”.

Daniel Traça, Dean of Nova SBE, admits his high expectations for this project: “It is an alliance that will allow students, professors, and researchers to experiment innovation projects supported by SIBS team, as well as the generation of disruptive digital innovations for SIBS. We hope that it will become an example for the world of the kind of partnerships universities and companies can develop”.

The Dean of Nova SBE adds that “Nova SBE and SIBS are remarkable cases of success and the pioneering spirit from Portugal to the world and have also proven that innovation is in Portugal´s DNA. Much of SIBS´ technology is spread around the world in digital payments and other applications in mobility or telecommunications. This contributes to the economic growth through education, innovation, and knowledge and to promote Portugal”.

To start this partnership, SIBS hosted, on the Carcavelos campus, a conference dedicated to the theme: “Portugal: Global Innovation Hub for the Word”, where the study “The Digital Transformation of the Global Economy and the Portuguese Payments System” will be presented by the American Professor David S. Evans from the University of Chicago, University College London and Fordham University. The author presents the main conclusions about the situation of the Portuguese electronic payments market, namely it assesses its degree of development and innovation, systematizing the most used forms of electronic payment in our country and how Portugal compares with the five most developed countries in the EU and the United Kingdom.

The session continues with a debate on “Innovation driving Portuguese Growth”, with the participation of a panel of speakers that include the founders of Unbabel and Indico Capital Partners, Stephan Morais and Paulo Dimas, and the President of the José Neves Foundation, Carlos Oliveira, leading names in innovation, technology, and knowledge of the Portuguese market and Portuguese companies.