3D Secure


3D Secure is a security protocol that aims to guarantee protection and trust in electronic means of payment. It enables cardholder authentication and confirmation that the payment is being made by him/her.

This guarantee is achieved through a strong authentication data link between the consumer, online merchants, payment networks and financial institutions. That’s why you can feel 3 times more secure on sides with the 3D Secure system.

– Protects your card from fraudulent use by third parties and gives you alternative authentication methods, without having to memorise passwords.
– Allows you to identify online stores where payment is made with additional security methods.
– Service offered by issuers.

Precautions to be taken:
– Avoid using public Internet access for online shopping.
– Do not disclose personal or confidential information (e.g. bank card details, passwords, etc.).
– Make payments on secure websites, preferably with the 3D Secure system.

To join, just contact your credit or debit card issuing bank and sign up for this feature.