Acceptance of Payments

A successful business should not just worry about the product it sells, as it also has to ensure that it offers its customers the best and most universal payment alternatives. As a result of this, a large proportion of stores in Portugal have the SIBS automatic payment terminal service.

Through this solution, merchants can accept payments from all national and international card brands and can also accommodate innovations such as MB WAY and the contactless system.
Having all this requires little effort. All you have to do is go to your bank and request the service or use the SIBS contact form, stating the name of your bank.

If online shopping was the future a few years ago, today it’s very much the present. It’s growing every day, along with solutions designed to simplify it and make it more secure.

The SIBS Gateway is one of the latest developments in this area, as it allows the management of online payments made with all of the main card brands, or with MB WAY.

And it also generates MULTIBANCO references.

In addition, it makes it possible to obtain reports and manage online and offline payments in an integrated manner. It is a solution with the quality, security and innovation capacity for which the MULTIBANCO brand is already well known.

The SIBS Gateway solution is designed exclusively for merchants with online stores. All you have to do to subscribe is to go to your bank and contract the service, or you can use the SIBS contact form, stating the name of your bank.

MB WAY is not just another means of payment, it is already a serious success story that makes paying easier. And the best thing is that MB WAY offers a solution for every case.

I have a high street store: in this case, your MULTIBANCO automatic payment terminal displays a QR Code that is read by the MB WAY app, and the payment is made with all the security and trust of the MULTIBANCO network. For this to work, you only need to ensure that your terminal is up to date.

I have an online store: in this scenario, MB WAY is included as one of the possible means of payment on your website or app. Then all you need is a mobile number to allow your customer to pay. All certification- and complication-free, because there is no circulation of financial data.

I have a mobile store: in this context, your mPOS payment terminal displays a QR Code that is read by the MB WAY app, allowing payment to be made. Always with the security offered by MULTIBANCO purchases.

Subscribing to MB WAY has to be the easy way. Just go to your bank and request the service , or use the SIBS contact form, stating the name of your bank

Consisting of just an app and a card reader, MULTIBANCO mPOS allows payments to be made based on a new concept: mobility

But if there is a commitment to comfort, there is also a commitment to universality. To allow you customers to choose how they want to pay, the MULTIBANCO mPOS accepts all of the main brands of cards on the market (MB, VISA, MasterCard, Amex and, shortly, UPI), while also allowing MB WAY to be accepted by QR Code.

MULTIBANCO mPOS is the perfect solution for freelancer professionals or merchants who want to accept payments while on the move, in situations such as home deliveries and fairs, among others. With this payment terminal all you need is a smartphone or tablet app and a mobile debit and credit card reader, and you’re ready to do business.

Subscribing to this solution is as simple as using it. Just go to your bank and request the service, or use the SIBS contact form, stating the name of your bank.

MULTIBANCO has features that most ATMs don’t offer. Services Payment is just one of many operations made possible by this network, allowing thousands of suppliers to receive bill payments without worrying about time or location. A service that is good for the receiver and practical for the person paying.

To make a payment all you need is a valid MULTIBANCO bank card. Just select the operation and enter the entity, reference and amount. The receipt that is provided serves as proof of payment.

Companies wishing to subscribe to this service should contact their bank or use the SIBS contact form, stating their bank’s name.