Business Process Outsourcing


All large companies have processes that take up a lot of time and resources, involving high costs. However, there is a simple way of resolving this issue: the SIBS BPO. Through its high level of technological capacity and know-how, this unit offers innovative, reliable and secure solutions that allow its customers to reduce costs, improve service levels, obtain greater operational control and a better response capacity.

The SIBS BPO also has a communications infrastructure with high levels of physical and logical security, high performance processes and an advanced IT structure.
For all these reasons, and because we are SIBS, we are the perfect solution for companies seeking to digitalise their hard copy documents.

Find out about some of our products here:

Opening of Accounts
This is a physical and digital collection service for all documentation relating to the accounts opening process, including documentation validation, data and signatures. It integrates with the IT systems of institutions, concluding with the opening of the account. It’s a lot of help, as you can see.

Pledge Chamber
This service automates the collection, decision making and analysis of Bank Attachments, Credit Attachments and other precautionary procedures (Seizures, Suspensions, Arrests, Inventories and Insolvencies). It eliminates paper through scanning, right at the start of the processing flow, and promotes the electronic circulation of processes. It also reduces operational risk in accordance with existing national regulations. And all o this takes a weight off your shoulders.

Billing and Charging Support
The processing of billing,refunds and charges involves different activities, specifically: reception and sorting, validation and digitalisation of all documentation, classification, collection of data and validation, according to pre-established requirements. It also provides integration into customer systems and the issuance of statistical and reporting models. In summary, it gets rid of a lot of your worries.

Operational Quality Audits / Satisfaction Surveys
Improvement must be an ongoing goal. Therefore, this operational quality assessment and end customer satisfaction service is fundamental. This is achieved by carrying out on-site and/or remote audits, or by conducting surveys directly with the end customer. Once the work is complete, a quantitative and qualitative report is issued, according to parameters set in advance with the customer. As such, we can conclude that this service is strongly aimed at providing information to the Quality and Continuous Improvement of our customers. And they are thankful for it.

Digital and Physical Archive
The service responsible for scanning documents and their respective hard copy or digital archiving. In the case of digital archiving, we provide customers with system information imports and create and provide search indices and information backups. We also guarantee that documents are always endorsed, with a unique file reference that allows them to be quickly found in the system or in hard copy.

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