Personalisation of Bank Cards


The customisation of each card is what makes it unique, just as the ability of a company to provide an ideal product is what makes it special.

At SIBS we have the latest technology in the sector, with the ability to customise large quantities of cards in a short period of time. Our equipment allows 1500 cards to be personalised per hour, which represents more than 100 thousand cards per day.

We respect the most advanced components and international standards and offer 13 types of masks. We were the first national entity to customise EMV cards and to be awarded certification by the international MasterCard and American Express brands. These certifications ensure that the company meets the highest physical and logical security standards for protecting important assets, such as customer data, security data and physical cards.

We are audited and certified as having the best market card production practices, for keeping any processed data absolutely confidential and for the facilities where we operate, with storage in secure vaults.

We develop custom designs for the project, with a QR code, monochrome or in colour, with or without a signature panel, embossed or laser. We offer the latest customisation techniques, including techniques for applying transparencies. We are highly competitive, we are SIBS.


Bank cards with EMV and EMV contactless
We customise EMV cards, the cutting-edge technology that replaces magnetic strips with a chip for greater security and higher transaction speed.

In the banking sector, the use of cards with chips (EMVs) is one of the standards established at European level by the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA), aimed at enhancing security and interoperability. We have advanced technology and know-how that allows us to customise any types of contact or contactless, pre- or post-payment EMV cards, among others.

Co-branded EMV cards
We personalise cards with a wide range of different applications, enhancing the interoperability of systems of different entities, specifically: bank cards with Calypso technology for transport or university identification cards with Mifare.

We also have the ability to customise cards with different types of technology at costs that are more competitive and adjusted to suit the project, such as cards with magnetic strips, data storage tracks, RFID, short-range communication technology or barcodes.

PIN issue
We issue the PIN codes associated with bank cards, guaranteeing the absolute confidentiality of processed data, respecting all international standards and performing all of this in secure facilities.