Security and Fraud Prevention


What if somebody pretends to be someone they’re not? To prevent such cases from happening, the Secure Authentication Platform provides a remote customer authentication service, for home banking solutions and other electronic channels, always in compliance with the strong authentication requirements defined in the European Union’s Payment Services Directive of 25 November 2015 (PSD2).

This service allows Financial Institutions to choose one of several authentication mechanisms. It can be based on a mobile phone, the EMW card, hardware token or the display card.

In the case of mobile phone authentication, One Time Passwords are used, sent by SMS to the customer’s mobile phone. In the case of authentication with an EMV card and reader (hardware token), or display card, the EMV-CAP app is used to generate One Time Passwords, allowing the transaction data to be signed. It is also possible to include the EMVCAP authentication app on EMV debit or credit payment cards so that the same card can be used to pay at POS and to carry out remote channel authentication.

This service is exclusive to banks that are members of the Card Issuance Service.


PAYWATCH offers a range of services to analyze transactions carried out on different channels, monitoring the value chain from Prevention to Disputes & Chargebacks. PAYWATCH is in permanent contact with banks and financial institutions, and can even act as a partner in terms of investigations.

Based on a systemic vision, PAYWATCH has actively contributed to Portugal becoming an international benchmark, with fraud levels below the European average.