SIBS contingency plan for Coronavirus disease (COVID-2019) in outbreak context

In order to face the Pandemic context declared by the Portuguese Government and by the World Health Organization (WHO), SIBS has increased the permanent measures defined in the company’s Contingency Plan.

This plan was designed to ensure the workers’ safety while keeping the company’s core services operational since they are essential for Portugal and to keep up with society’s regular life routines.

SIBS has followed the Portuguese Government’s recommendations, replicated also by the vast majority of the Portuguese corporate sector, including companies responsible for infrastructures and crucial services. This action is aligned with the Portuguese Health Authority, and apart from other policies already present and activated by SIBS’ Contingency Plan, the company has enabled additional sanitary protection and workers awareness measures. It has also strengthened its technology infrastructures in a way that a vast number of employees can work remotely and has activated alternative workplaces for the crucial teams, by relocating them in smaller groups.

SIBS will keep working to ensure regular usage and security of daily transactions on MULTIBANCO Networks and on MB WAY and takes the opportunity to remember health guidances to adopt solutions such as MB WAY as preferred payments methods for healthcare prevention.

At SIBS, we believe that the commitment of everyone, individuals and companies, complying and respecting  health authorities’ good practices and recommendations is the foundation to overcome this period of global crisis.

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