COVID-19: Coronavirus disease impact on Portuguese Consumers’ behavior

As a contribution to clarify and reveal the impact of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Portuguese economy and society, SIBS presents the consumption data evolution concealing the last two weeks.

During this time period and since the revelation of the diseases’ first cases in Portugal, consumers have concentrated their purchases mainly in Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, Pharmacies and free-selling Chemistry Stores, with these sectors representing one out of every two purchases.

Globally, in the period covered from March 2 and 8, a week after the first cases of Coronavirus disease being confirmed in the country, a 6 point growth in the number of purchases accomplished in MULTIBANCO Network was revealed while 1 point decrease can be observed during March 9-15 week.

When analyzing money withdrawals and purchases processed by SIBS during last week, it is clear to notice a slowdown in these operations.

A clear mention to the increasing use of MB WAY for purchases, an effective and safe solution for the moment since it allows operations with no direct interaction with the payment equipment.

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